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The Ultimate Travel Checklist..

Hey everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Once again the weather is pretty shit in Vancouver so I haven’t left the apartment yet today! The weather seems to be clearing up so I may get outside for a quick run! My chirpractor gave the me thumbs up on starting to run outdoors again.. 3 min run, 1 in walk for a max of like 20 minutes.. kinda sucks but I have to start somewhere!

I had such an awesome response from my last post so I thought Id nerd out a bit and send you my Travel Checklist! Again I know its kind of lame but its the best way to ensure you don’t forget anything important and also stops you from bringing a bunch of shit you don’t need.


Whether you rarely travel or you are a seasoned globetrotter it’s always helpful to have a checklist!

  1. Decide what kind of luggage you are going to use. This is important because whether you check your luggage or carry it on will make a huge difference in terms of what you can pack. If you are going to check your luggage it does allow you the freedom to pack a little morebut that’s not necessary a good thing! Sometimes the bigger the bag the more shit you bring.. Also most airlines these days do charge you for checked luggage so if you are on a budget it may be best to pack light and just carry it on..
  2. Once you have decided on your “main luggage” you can start to make a list of what you want/need to pack. Here is my list for Mexico!
    1. Clothing List
      • Undies/bras
      • Shorts
      • Basic tanks/t-shirts
      • Cover up for the beach
      • Bikini & One Piece (I usually pack quite a few, I like options)
      • Shoes (Be practical) – flip-flops, nice sandals, converse, wedge heels, runners
      • 1 pair of jeans (boyfriend cut)
      • Skirts
      • Dresses
      • Blouses
      • Sweater
      • Denim Jacket
      • Socks (if needed)
      • Work out clothes (if you plan on working out.. be realistic)
      • Hat
      • Bandana
      • Sunglasses
      • Jewellary (leave anything super valuable at home)
    2. Toiletries
      • Toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, mouthwash, Invisalign retainer
      • Hair Brush, scrunchies, bobby pins, elastic bands
      • Deodorant
      • Shampoo/ Conditioner
      • Face wipes, cleanser, toner, moisturizer
      • Makeup & Makeup brushes
      • Body Lotion
      • Lip Balm
      • Any medication, personal hygiene products
      • Razors
      • Body Wash
    3. Travel Health
      • Advil, Tylenol
      • Pepto, gravol
      • Vitamins & Supplements
      • Probiotics
      • Sunscreen (toxic free)
      • Bug Spray(toxic free)
      • Gaba (anti anxiety)
  3. Prepare your Carry-on bag. If you are checking your main luggage here is where you can decide what you would like to bring in your carry. I would suggest packing a few extra personal items in case your checked luggage gets lost.. Also pack your laptop, camera, or anything with value in your carry on.  I usually a make sure I have headphones and my phone charger on me as well.
  4. Important travel documents, cash, and credit cards. 
    • Passport/visa (make a copy) – Make sure your travel documents are valid!
    • Personal ID Card (if you look young like me (LOL) you could get ID when out.. dont carry your passport around)
    • Cash & Credit Card – Make sure you call your CC company to let them know you are leaving the country!
    • Purchase MEDICAL INSURANCE! – This is an important one.. Give yourself peace of mind…
    • Edocs, hotel & flights confirmations, etc…
  5. Prepare your home. If you are going to be away for more than a few days its always good to think about these things.
    • Turn off heater
    • Unplug appliances
    • Advise a trusted neighbour
    • Advise your landlord if you are a tenant
    • Leave a key with a family member or trusted neighbour
  6. Last but not least my Flamingo floatie and new bluetooth speak from @WestJet Vacations! 

So there you have it. I’m sure you can add a few more things to this list but this pretty much will have you covered! If I forgot anything important.. comment below!

xoxo- jos




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Relax Refresh Recharge

image1-5So, I just got back from an awesome 3 days away in Whistler. I always forget how lucky I am to live so close to a place that is filled with so much beauty!

D and I had plans to go out and let loose on Sunday night but instead we found ourselves back in our hotel room by 9! We decided to have a quick night-cap but in the time it took for me to pour a glass of wine he was fast asleep. So, I enjoyed my wine & off to sleep I went.

On Monday, we decided to make the most of our day. We walked around the village, patio hopped, and ended the day in the hot tub. It was perfect! I’ve been super stressed with work, so a few days of doing nothing was exactly what I needed.. It was so great to relax and recharge before this crazy month of October kicks in.

I took a few photos throughout the day yesterday and thought I would share them with you! Hope you enjoy!

xo jos

Whistler Village 



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Sorry Vancouver…


I have a confession.. Since the young age of 16 I have been having a love affair, yup that is right I have been cheating on my beautiful city of Vancouver….

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has a BIG piece of my heart.

I can still remember my first time landing in Vallarta.. thinking “WOW, why is it so green? where is the beach?” Shortly after that thought I discovered the beach and instantly fell in love. The people, the beach, the culture.. you name it and I loved it!. I loved it so much that at the age of 22 I decided to pack my bags and move there! For the next 8 years I spent more time in Vallarta than I did in Vancouver. It had become my home. Even when I was technically living in Vancouver I would go back to visit as much as I could.. which was pretty often thanks to Transat, the awesome company I worked for at the time.

My trips have become less frequent but every year when I return my heart and my soul gets a recharge.. I just booked my next trip; Feb 2018 can not come soon enough.. If you have never had the chance to visit Vallarta its a must do.. I promise! You will fall in love with it and all of it’s charm the same way I did all those years ago..

xo Jos

ps. Vallarta, te quiero mucho