Happiness is hot soup on a rainy day

image1-17Happy Sunday!

Today has been one of the most chills days ever and I have loved every second of it. Started the day grocery shopping with my mom and then spent the rest of the day cleaning, baking and making some delicious home-made soup! Oh I should also mention that I have been watching Nashville the entire day! Gosh, I just love that show; am I the only one that cries every single episode?

Anyways, I decided to make vegetable soup this afternoon and can I just say it was sooo delish. I didn’t use a recipe of any sort – just threw in a potato, some carrots, celery, some chicken stock and some water. I let it simmer all afternoon and then puree’d it until it was nice and creamy! I usually make something similar but with red pepper and cauliflower but thought I would change it up today! So happy that I did.

Oh I should also mention that I bought a gorgeous wool coat today.. Love me a RAINY DAY!

xo Jos





A shot a day, keeps the dr away….


So I recently decided to see what all the hype around Turmeric was  about and I can actually say WOAH I get it! This sh*t has sooo many benefits!

Here are the top 10 REASONS to drink Turmeric!

  1. Aids digestion
  2. Excellent anti – inflammatory
  3. Awesome anti-oxidant
  4. Improves Liver Function
  5. Helps with Cholesterol control
  6. Improves immunity
  7. Increases brain function
  8. Improves your mood and reduces the risk of depression
  9. Fights insomnia
  10. Cancer Prevention

I have been doing turmeric shots.. Turmeric, Lemon, Ginger and Apple (cold-pressed juice). But not sure what else to put Turmeric in… Suggestions are welcome!

xo Jos


Sundays are for pancakes

image1-15Happy Sunday!

Growing up my mom used to always make us kids pancakes for breakfast on Sunday mornings and it is one of the traditions that I have kept as a “grown-up”.  Whether I order them at a restaurant or I make them at home, pancakes are a serious must have on my Sunday mornings.

Here is my go-to recipe for the most delicious Protein Pancakes. Egg whites, protein powder and ripe bananas make up these low-fat and low-carb pancakes, for a complete and wholesome meal under 200 calories.


  • 2 Eggs
  • 1/3 cup of dry oats
  • 1 scoop of Vega protein powder
  • 1 large banana
  • 1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • Optional – Blueberries, Coconut, any other berries..
  1. In two bowls, separate the eggs carefully so none of the yolk gets into the egg whites. Beat the egg whites on high for 2 minutes until they form soft peaks.
  2. Add the remaining ingredients to the egg yolks and beat until smooth. Gently fold ⅓ of the egg white mixture into the banana mixture until roughly combined. Fold half of the remaining eggs whites into the mixture and finally the last portion until everything is well combined.
  3. Heat a skillet over low heat. Scoop ¼ c. of the mixture onto the skillet and cook for 60-90 seconds on each side.
  4. Add your favourite toppings and enjoy!

xo Jos