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The Ultimate Travel Checklist..

Hey everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Once again the weather is pretty shit in Vancouver so I haven’t left the apartment yet today! The weather seems to be clearing up so I may get outside for a quick run! My chirpractor gave the me thumbs up on starting to run outdoors again.. 3 min run, 1 in walk for a max of like 20 minutes.. kinda sucks but I have to start somewhere!

I had such an awesome response from my last post so I thought Id nerd out a bit and send you my Travel Checklist! Again I know its kind of lame but its the best way to ensure you don’t forget anything important and also stops you from bringing a bunch of shit you don’t need.


Whether you rarely travel or you are a seasoned globetrotter it’s always helpful to have a checklist!

  1. Decide what kind of luggage you are going to use. This is important because whether you check your luggage or carry it on will make a huge difference in terms of what you can pack. If you are going to check your luggage it does allow you the freedom to pack a little morebut that’s not necessary a good thing! Sometimes the bigger the bag the more shit you bring.. Also most airlines these days do charge you for checked luggage so if you are on a budget it may be best to pack light and just carry it on..
  2. Once you have decided on your “main luggage” you can start to make a list of what you want/need to pack. Here is my list for Mexico!
    1. Clothing List
      • Undies/bras
      • Shorts
      • Basic tanks/t-shirts
      • Cover up for the beach
      • Bikini & One Piece (I usually pack quite a few, I like options)
      • Shoes (Be practical) – flip-flops, nice sandals, converse, wedge heels, runners
      • 1 pair of jeans (boyfriend cut)
      • Skirts
      • Dresses
      • Blouses
      • Sweater
      • Denim Jacket
      • Socks (if needed)
      • Work out clothes (if you plan on working out.. be realistic)
      • Hat
      • Bandana
      • Sunglasses
      • Jewellary (leave anything super valuable at home)
    2. Toiletries
      • Toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, mouthwash, Invisalign retainer
      • Hair Brush, scrunchies, bobby pins, elastic bands
      • Deodorant
      • Shampoo/ Conditioner
      • Face wipes, cleanser, toner, moisturizer
      • Makeup & Makeup brushes
      • Body Lotion
      • Lip Balm
      • Any medication, personal hygiene products
      • Razors
      • Body Wash
    3. Travel Health
      • Advil, Tylenol
      • Pepto, gravol
      • Vitamins & Supplements
      • Probiotics
      • Sunscreen (toxic free)
      • Bug Spray(toxic free)
      • Gaba (anti anxiety)
  3. Prepare your Carry-on bag. If you are checking your main luggage here is where you can decide what you would like to bring in your carry. I would suggest packing a few extra personal items in case your checked luggage gets lost.. Also pack your laptop, camera, or anything with value in your carry on.  I usually a make sure I have headphones and my phone charger on me as well.
  4. Important travel documents, cash, and credit cards. 
    • Passport/visa (make a copy) – Make sure your travel documents are valid!
    • Personal ID Card (if you look young like me (LOL) you could get ID when out.. dont carry your passport around)
    • Cash & Credit Card – Make sure you call your CC company to let them know you are leaving the country!
    • Purchase MEDICAL INSURANCE! – This is an important one.. Give yourself peace of mind…
    • Edocs, hotel & flights confirmations, etc…
  5. Prepare your home. If you are going to be away for more than a few days its always good to think about these things.
    • Turn off heater
    • Unplug appliances
    • Advise a trusted neighbour
    • Advise your landlord if you are a tenant
    • Leave a key with a family member or trusted neighbour
  6. Last but not least my Flamingo floatie and new bluetooth speak from @WestJet Vacations! 

So there you have it. I’m sure you can add a few more things to this list but this pretty much will have you covered! If I forgot anything important.. comment below!

xoxo- jos




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