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5 things to help you prep for vaca!

She said Hola, ¿Cómo estás?! In just 18 days this is what I will be saying the second I touch town in Vallarta! I have been posting about this vaca for a few weeks now so as you can probably guess I am a lil bit excited! I haven’t been on a “real” vacation in two years! YES TWO YEARS!! I have gone on a few weekend getaways to Whistler or added couple of days on to a work trip but I am finally going away for more than a few days.. I will be in Vallarta for 10 days and will be out of the office for 14! (SOOO EXCITED!!!)

Up until a few years ago I was one of those people who would legit pack the night before a trip. I always ended up bringing shit I didn’t need and forgetting the shit I did need.. So now I like to “adult” and try to prep myself well in advance.. I figured since I am getting myself prepared I would share it with all of you for your next vaca!


  1. Online shop in advance! After my last post I think you know I have already got this one covered. Don’t wait until the last-minute to buy the things you want or need! Make sure you give yourself enough time for delivery, trying on and returning if need be..
  2. Plan your outfits! There is nothing worse than bringing a whole bunch of different clothes and then when you go to put an outfit together nothing works.. Try to plan at least one outfit per night with a few back ups just in case something doesn’t work. I also suggest bringing items you can style differently and wear more than once if necessary.. Planning your outfits also ensures you don’t over pack!
  3. Make a list. I know this seems kind of lame.. but nothing feels quite as good as checking an item of a list right?? Also it ensures that you don’t forget anything important.. like your PASSPORT!
  4. Always bring extras in your carry-on! I learned this lesson the hard way! I’ll never forget arriving in Vallarta on NYE.. waiting for my bag to come out and nothing.. I was without luggage for 3 days! Yes, you can always go shop (and i love to shop) but depending on where you are travelling selections of stores may be slim.. I always suggest packing an extra pair of panties, a bikini, toothbrush, and an extra set of clothes…
  5. Feel good about not being in the office. I know this one seems a little strange but the worst thing you can do is not get something done at work and then stress the entire time you are away.. I am the worst at disconnecting.. I always check my work emails in case I forgot something.. but this time I have done as much preparing as possible so I can leave for two weeks and actually get a much-needed time out. Also if you do forget something don’t sweat it.. unless you are a Doctor.. no one will die..

So there are my top 5 things I do to prep for vacation.. what do you do? Am I forgetting anything?? would love to hear from you!

xo- jos





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