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The “C” word

Warning: This one is for the ladies..

Ok, I don’t know about you ladies but I can not stand the “C” word.. How many of you can agree that CELLULITE is the absolute worst?!!!

I remember having a couple little dimples in my butt and thinking well this kinda sucks.. but apparently last year it got worse! A few weeks ago I decided to take a picture of my back side to track my weight loss and when I saw it I almost died!  WTF! When and how did I get Cellulite?? I know I’m not in the best shape of my life..  BUT come on!

Anyways.. now I’m pretty much obsessed with my ass.. Daily you can find me applying coconut oil, coffee scrubs, bio oil, cellulite cream, and I dry brush like twice a day! I’m also back to exercising regularly, I stand at my desk all day and I take collagen every day in my coffee!! Do I just have to wait it out? I feel like it just appeared over night so Im kinda hoping it goes away over night too. LOL

I figure someone reading this must have the secret remedy.. PLEASE HELP ME!!

Anyways, gotta go.. it’s time to dry brush and watch the bachelor..

xoxo – jos

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