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BALANCE.. it’s not something you find, it’s something you create…

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Once again it’s raining in Vancouver but with three weeks till my vaca I’m just trying to suck it up.

As you guys know I have been eating Keto for the last few weeks. I have lost 5 lbs and 1 inch off my hips.. Not amazing results but not terrible either. One of the reasons I started to eat this way was A. I wanted to lose the 10-15lbs I gained last year and B. because there seemed to be a lot of options when it came to what I can eat! I LOVE CHEESE so any diet I can eat cheese is A-OK with me..

However, yesterday morning I came across this scientific study about the Keto diet.. It went through all the pros and then of course all the cons.. And there were 2 cons that really stuck out to me.. First one being how harmful it is for your body to go in and out of ketosis and the other being that the keto diet lowers your leptin levels.. and your leptin hormone is what regulates body weight..

So, after learning this information I came to the decision that yes, even though I wanted to drop this extra fluff real fast, this was not the way for me to do it.. Anyone that knows me knows that I am all about living a balanced lifestyle.. and living a balanced lifestyle would mean that I would be going in and out of ketosis and potentionally harming my body. So, it looks like I’m just gonna have to lose this fluff the good ol fashion way by eating well (as much as possible) and working my ass off! Now just because this isn’t the right way for me to eat that doesn’t mean it isn’t right for others.. I totally support this lifestyle, its just not the lifestyle for me..

If there was one good thing that has come out of this.. besides losing 5lbs real quick.. it was that I realized that I most definitely have a sensitivity to wheat and/or yeast. So I’m going to do my best to keep those two things out of my diet!

Anyways that is all for me! I’m going to go make some zoodles to enjoy with my Mama’s sauce! Hope you all have a fantastic evening and an awesome Monday tomorrow!

ciao ciao

xo jos…

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