give presence….


Hey guys! Happy Friday!

I’m not sure about any of you but this is one of my most fave times of the year. I actually put my Christmas tree up and decorated the apartment on November 13th! D walked in the door and his actual words were “are you fucking kidding me? its November!” haha.. oopsie! Not even sorry!

Anyways, I love everything about this season; holiday parties, holiday outfits, holiday hangovers.. ok, well, maybe I don’t love the hangovers but they are so worth it during this time of the year! There really is nothing better than spending time with family and friends, drinking, laughing and just having the most amazing time!

So with that being said… this holiday season I have decided to do something that is going to be a little difficult for me.. I have decided that I am going to just put down my phone and actually fully engage in conversations and actually take everything in that I love about the holidays.. Now don’t get me wrong.. I’m still going to take photos and post on social media.. but I really want to make a solid effort to not spend all my time looking down at my phone, half ass listening to conversations.. I’m pretty sure you can all admit that you have been guilty of that once or twice before..

So, starting today.. I’m going to make a solid effort to give my presence… and I fully encourage all of you to do the same..

Peace & Love ~ Jos

ps. stay tuned for some of my favourite looks this season




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