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Sorry Vancouver…


I have a confession.. Since the young age of 16 I have been having a love affair, yup that is right I have been cheating on my beautiful city of Vancouver….

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has a BIG piece of my heart.

I can still remember my first time landing in Vallarta.. thinking “WOW, why is it so green? where is the beach?” Shortly after that thought I discovered the beach and instantly fell in love. The people, the beach, the culture.. you name it and I loved it!. I loved it so much that at the age of 22 I decided to pack my bags and move there! For the next 8 years I spent more time in Vallarta than I did in Vancouver. It had become my home. Even when I was technically living in Vancouver I would go back to visit as much as I could.. which was pretty often thanks to Transat, the awesome company I worked for at the time.

My trips have become less frequent but every year when I return my heart and my soul gets a recharge.. I just booked my next trip; Feb 2018 can not come soon enough.. If you have never had the chance to visit Vallarta its a must do.. I promise! You will fall in love with it and all of it’s charm the same way I did all those years ago..

xo Jos

ps. Vallarta, te quiero mucho



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