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Sweaters & booties & toques oh my..


Happy Saturday!

So as I mentioned in my first post I decided to put myself in a little time out for the month of September. I am ok with staying in but I am definitely struggling with the whole “sober September” thing.. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not a total boozer but I do love my vino and I am most definitely missing it.

Now I thought while I was in “time out”  that I would catch up on my reading, get some extra sleep, and maybe binge watch Netflix but instead I have been doing something that I know I should not be doing and that is… SHOPPING! ugh.. I just can’t help myself… I absolutely love FALL Fashion! Sweaters and booties and toques, oh my! I just might have bought myself a “few” amazing things.. Cant wait till they arrive!!

Stay tuned to see what I purchased! Just think pink wool coat, another pair of OTK boots, leather gloves and sweaters galore! This babe be getting ready for Fall!

xo Jos


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